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[16 Oct 2009|12:56am]

Funny The Hills spoof (about half way through the video). The Audrina impression is way too funny

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MTV The City and The Hills – I hate myself for loving you. [01 Oct 2009|09:28am]

Writer Becky G. has joined JoeOnTheTube to write about all things The Hills and The City from her unique 30 something point of view.  The results are funny and insightful.  Check it out here.
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TVontheDVD- August 11th The City Season 1 on DVD [11 Aug 2009|11:14am]

Looks like The City comes out today.  Here is a link.
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Kristin Cavallari: Not One, But Two Hills Seasons! [16 Jul 2009|11:32am]


Kristin Cavallari: Not One, But Two Hills Seasons!

Wed., Jul. 15, 2009 6:40 AM PDT by

Kristin Cavallari Christopher Peterson/Getty Images

Kristin Cavallari is so the new Lauren Conrad of The Hills.

How else do you explain Cavallari getting a two-season deal on MTV's hit pseudo-reality show?

That's right. Cavallari, 22, told us yesterday she'll be around a lot longer than the 10 episodes that were originally announced.

"I'm signed for two seasons," she said while promoting her new DVD flick Van Wilder Freshman Year at the Jack LaLanne juicer-sponsored Silver Spoon House in Malibu. "We'll see how it goes, but that's probably all I'll really want to do."

But it's not like Cavallari wants to be Conrad 2.0…


Read the rest of the article at E! Online, for some reason it won't let me copy & paste the whole thing

I am excited about Kristin being on the show for the drama, but I don't think she will be as good as Lauren
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Ed Dies, Jon and Kate Split, T.R. is Leaving, No More Speidi on E! and Other TV News [23 Jun 2009|10:08am]

Lots of TV news in the Odds and Ends section this week.  Check it out over at JoeOnTheTube.
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[10 Jun 2009|01:04pm]


Lauren Conrad: More Television, Please

Today 11:05 AM PDT by

Lauren Conrad, LA Candy Book Cover Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images; Harper Collins

She may have left The Hills, but that doesn't mean Lauren Conrad is done with television.

The former MTV darling tells me she's determined to get her debut novel, L.A. Candy, adapted for the small screen.

"It’s one of my hopes," said Conrad, who will hold court tonight at her book party at the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills. "We're going to start working on that when I get back from my book tour."

She also may be working on another reality show. She refused to hear any pitches after the cameras stopped rolling on her last season of The Hills, but now…

"I actually asked not to hear them," she said. "I said, 'Don't tell me anything.' So problem solved, and I got to enjoy some time away. But my two months is up now."

And she's also not giving up her fashion collection. "I have my line at Kohl's but I'm also working on putting back together my original line," she said. "I want to change it up, working on a new name…"

One thing you're likely not catch her doing? Checking out Kristin Cavallari's debut on The Hills. "I probably won't watch it," Conrad said. "I'm not a huge TV person."


Get More Marc on Twitter @marcmalkin


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Stephanie Pratt: "Heidi Thought She Was Dying!" [08 Jun 2009|01:32pm]


Stephanie Pratt: "Heidi Thought She Was Dying!"

Sun., Jun. 7, 2009 4:47 PM PDT by

The Hills, Heidi Montag MTV

Were Spencer and Heidi Pratt deprived of food and water for almost three days while being forced to live in blacked-out seclusion on I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here?

That's what their family is claiming. A show insider, on the other hand, says all reports that the pair were mistreated have been greatly exaggerated.

"They kept them locked up and through the roof they were dropping spiders the size of [Heidi's] hands in on her in the black," Spencer's sister, Stephanie, just told me at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation's A Time for Heroes Celebrity Carnival in L.A.

"They treated them like they were criminals or terrorists," she added.

Stephanie said Heidi, who was reportedly rushed to a local Costa Rica hospital yesterday, was transferred to another medical facility today. She said she wasn't sure what the final diagnosis was. But it sure doesn't sound pretty...

"She was throwing up 30 times with nothing in her stomach," Stephanie said. "She was really sick. She thought she was dying….I know they pulled such shitty antics," she said. "But being treated like criminals or terrorists? It's insane!"

The newlyweds will likely return home sometime this week, according to Stephanie.

A rep for NBC declined to comment, but ITV Studios, producers of I'm a Celebrity, deny any wrongdoing.

My show insider insists the newlyweds were not only fed, but they were only in the lost chamber for about 14 hours. "They slept most of the time," said the insider, who asked not to be identified. "And when they weren't sleeping, they were laying side by side praying."

As for the Speiders, the insider said, "There were no bugs added to the chamber. Maybe there was a small one that Spencer tried to kill."

The insider also said Heidi was not vomiting: "They were in happy spirits when they came out of the chamber."

We'll get to see everything tomorrow night when the latest I'm a Celebrity airs. "Everything is documented because there are cameras on them all the time," the insider said. "There are interviews, too."

Now, sources say, Spencer is considering suing NBC for its treatment of him and Heidi, while NBC is threatening to sue the newlyweds if they don't live up to their contract and bail in the show.

Who do you believe, if anyone? Let the Speidi vs. I'm a Celebrity debates begin.


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Heidi and Spencer Have Been Replaced By Someone from The Hills? [02 Jun 2009|03:07pm]

Heidi and Spencer Have Been Replaced By Someone from The Hills? Looks like their charities won't have to suffer after all.  Check out the full story here.
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Heidi and Spencet Pratt on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here... Well at least for now [02 Jun 2009|01:29pm]

Heidi and Spencer Pratt tried to quit twice during the season premiere of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here Last Night.  Rumor has it, that last night they were successful on their 3rd attempt.  Here's my full run down over at JoeOnTheTube.
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[17 Apr 2009|05:02pm]

OK! Confirms 4 Cast Members for new NBC celebrity reality competition

Following yesterday's discovery the Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman would be joining the upcoming NBC summer reality competition, "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!", OK! has learned of three — well, actually four — additions to the cast.

Sources confirm that former supermodel Janice Dickinson and formerly respectable TV newser Geraldo Rivera have signed on to the show, which strands a pack of famous folks in the jungles of Costa Rica — and tapes it all for the amusement of the viewing public.

Also, OK! can confirm that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are also on the list of celebs that will be on the show when it starts airing June 1 on NBC.
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NEW HEIDI SONG (BLACKOUT) [17 Apr 2009|04:46pm]

Brand new Heidi song! This one is titled Blackout. It's my favorite so far. Check it out below!


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Heidi and Spencer to get married this weekend [17 Apr 2009|04:38pm]

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are to be married this Saturday.

The Hills couple were spotted at the Beverly Hills Courthouse on Wednesday, as reports suggested the couple were going to collect their marriage license.

Pratt and Montag got engaged in May 2007, despite rumours they had split.

The couple have also previously called off wedding plans in December 2008 as Heidi was: “not happy with the arrangements.”

It seems Heidi is satisfied this time around, as the couple will be having their rehearsal dinner tonight in Beverly Hills (of course!)

Heidi had a rather public falling out with fellow Hills star, Lauren Conrad after reports suggested the pair had a disagreement about Montag’s relationship with Pratt.

We’re not sure if Conrad will be at the wedding but it’s pretty certain the MTV cameras will be there to follow the ceremony!

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Heidi Montag Parties While Spencer Pratt Gets It On Tape [17 Apr 2009|04:37pm]

On Thursday night in Hollywood, “The Hills” star Heidi Montag hosted a listening party for her upcoming album. Of course Heidi was willing to ham it up for the cameras, but we were surprised to see a familiar face behind one of those cameras.

As it turns out, Spencer Pratt has assumed the role of Heidi’s personal videographer — and judging by the look on Spencer’s face, he takes his job quite seriously. (And judging by the look on Heidi’s face, she does too.) If it is her full-time job to show up to events and look pretty, well, then, mission accomplished.

Although we don’t know the specifics of just what Heidi previewed at the listening party, we hope that one of those songs had Spencer as a guest star. “Spencer Pratt is amazing,” she said recently. “I’d love to get him on my album. He sings, he raps — he does everything.” Camera work included.

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[04 Oct 2008|01:14pm]



The Hills
star Audrina Patridge confides in costar Heidi Montag on the day that rumors surfaced about Audrina’s on/off boyfriend, Justin Bobby, hooking up with her friend and ex-roommate, Lauren Conrad. (The pair met over coffee on Friday in Hollywood.)

Audrina expressed confusion on her official site, saying she didn’t know who to believe. Lauren denied the allegations at length in her very own blog post.

In any event, Audrina has moved on and was seen getting cozy with new boy toy Josh Christopher.

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Pictures of Heidi and Spencer raising awareness of Global Hunger at Taco Bell. [04 Oct 2008|10:14am]


The most beloved couple from The Hills teamed up with Taco Bell for the second year in a row to raise awareness of global hunger.

“Heidi and I know the importance of bringing awareness to this global problem, and are extremely grateful to partner with Taco Bell and the World Food Programme for the second straight year,” said Spencer Pratt.


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[26 Sep 2008|02:34pm]


Enjoying a romantic evening out on the town, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were spotted on their way home from dinner at Beverly Hills restaurant Mr. Chow.

Proving that chivalry isn’t dead, Mr. Pratt opened Miss Montag’s car door for her before hopping in and driving off into the night.

And according to a recent report, Heidi still holds out hope that she and ex-bestie Lauren Conrad will one day reconcile their differences and rekindle their friendship.

She told press, “Obviously I miss her, and she was my best friend for a really long time. Hopefully one day we will be able to work through this and move on and patch some things up.”

more pics belowCollapse )
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[25 Sep 2008|05:18pm]


Heidi Montag and boyfriend Spencer Pratt spend the afternoon at The Mission in downtown Los Angeles helping to prepare and serve food to homeless people on Wednesday.

The pair were in Vegas over the weekend celebrating Heidi’s 22nd birthday at the Christian Audigier Nightclub inside Treasure Island Hotel and Casino.

more behind this cutCollapse )
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Heidi Talks Rings, Babies on 22nd Birthday [24 Sep 2008|11:15am]


Montag turned the big 2-2 Monday with a picnic with beau Spencer Pratt.

"I got some amazing gifts and a cake that said, 'Happy Birthday, Princess Heidi!'" she said Tuesday on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show.

And although Pratt didn't surprise her with a ring, he told Seacrest their engagement "is definitely imminent."

As for that rock, Pratt (who was previously engaged to Montag before they briefly split) said, "she's dreaming big."

Pratt added that Montag has also been nagging him about starting a family.

"Heidi talks about lots of kids all the time," he said. "She wakes up with these great dreams about five kids."

Montag then interrupted, "I want, like, four. Maybe I'll adopt 10. I want to have my own orphanage like Mother Teresa."

For now, Pratt said, "I am fighting her everyday - [she wants] kittens and puppies."

Has Montag's latest milestone given her a change of heart when it comes to foe Lauren Conrad? (On Monday's episode of The Hills, both admitted they miss each other.)

"It's hard to say, and I don't talk to her about it," Montag said. "Obviously, a part of her misses me, and we were close. It's natural to miss each other."

But she doesn't want the bickering to carry on.

"I'm 22 now, so I'm really grown up," she went on. "Life is really short, and I don't need negative energy. There are children who are sick in the worst and, like, important matters, and it's such a waste of time to be fighting and angry."

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Fashion Question [25 Jun 2008|05:44pm]

does anyone know the full list of designer names Heidi says in "Fashion"?
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Heidi Montag: "I Want More Privacy!" [17 Jun 2008|01:43pm]


The Hills couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt share a romantic dinner at Palms Restaurant in West Hollywood on Thursday.

Heidi recycled her “I Want More Privacy” t-shirt, which she wore to Disneyland earlier this month.

Speaking of wanting more privacy, E! is reporting that Speidi want to get married on live television.

Their dream includes a “small wedding on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island in the Virgin Islands, with catering by Wolfgang Puck’s Cut restaurant, watches by Jason of Beverly Hills for all their guests and a performance by U2.”

WOULD YOU WATCH a live telecast of Heidi and Spencer’s upcoming nuptials?

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